Still Life

Still Life by L.T. Smith

After breaking off her relationship with a female lothario, Jess Taylor decides she doesn’t want to expose herself to another cheating partner. Staying at home, alone, suits her just fine.  Her idea of a good night is an early one—preferably with a good book. Well, until her best friend, Sophie Harrison, decides it’s time Jess rejoined the human race.

Trying to pull Jess from her self-imposed prison, Sophie signs them both up for a Still Life art class at the local college.  Sophie knows the beautiful art teacher, Diana Sullivan, could be the woman her best friend needs to move on with her life.

But, in reality, could art bring these two women together? Could it be strong enough to make a masterpiece in just twelve sessions? And, more importantly, can Jess overcome her fear of being used once again?

Only time will tell.


Publication date:
September 2014 by Ylva-Publishing.



2 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. Still Life is fantastic …Diana’s and Jess were a pleasure to read, I loved their understanding of each other and misunderstanding of each other, the build up to them falling in love was a lovely journey…

    • Thank you so much, Trish. I really enjoyed writing her, although I tend to enjoy writing all of my stories. I just hope people will like her as much as you do. You’ve made my day :o)

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