Nicki Minaj Meets Santa

tshirtI thought I would introduce my Christmas tale here on my blog just so you get an idea about what is happening. I don’t want you to be thinking ‘Just a mo … this doesn’t feel finished.’ The reason why you may be thinking this is because I have split it up in to four sections that I will be uploading from now until Christmas.

You may also be wondering ‘Why has she done that?’

Or you may not give a flying fig.

The answer? I felt like it. I felt like splitting it into sections. What I’d set out to do was to split it into twelve sections and do the twelve days of Christmas – I even split Scrivener into 12 sections and called them ‘days’ and everything. Then time started to play havoc. I know the twelve days of Christmas are not before Christmas – I’m not THAT stoopid. But, I also knew I wanted to give you something for Christmas.

Too many C words in the last paragraph.

Talking of which, after reading from a reviewer that I’d put in 18 f words in my story Mary Christmas (found in Unwrap these Presents), I’d just like to say there are 19 in this one.


Seems like I am the Nicki Minaj of lesbian fiction – and if you want to get me a t-shirt for Chrimbo please see attached picture.

One final thing – I have no idea what to call this story. So, maybe we could have a little competition about the best title. Please avoid derogatory suggestions as I have used the lion’s share of them as I was writing it.

So … let me think. How about an ebook for the winner? You could even wait for the prize and hang out for the new revised version of Beginnings out in January. Your choice.

And on a final note … watch this space.




6 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Meets Santa

  1. There should be 25 f words. It’s a Christmas story after all. lol
    A title eh? How about ”Relationships of Past, a Christmas Present & a Promising Future”?!
    I know it is long, but I love long titles. Can’t help it. 🙂

  2. How about “Lost & Found”. Can’t wait for the next exert as the first was fabulous (thought I would throw in an “f” word for you)
    Cheers 🙂

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