And the winner is … Or should I say winners?

winnerFinally I get around to picking out some winners of the selection of ebooks I have offered out to you. Man. I think it would have been so much better if I had just done one book at a time as I got myself in my own kind of pickle when I was putting names into a hat. You lot didn’t help either with your ‘I’m easy’ (no you’re not) and ‘I’ll have anything up for grabs’. But then again, maybe I arranged it all wrong. Maybe it would have been better if I just had all the prizes ‘winner’s choice’ with one signed copy of something – maybe a petrol receipt or my shopping list. That, as they say, would teach a bunch of you a lesson for being vague.

But. I did it. Sat here in my pjs this morning writing names onto scraps of paper just like in the good old days when pens and scraps of paper were cool. I could have incorporated some of my teaching strategies for picking kids out to share their work- you know, the lolly pop stick with numbers or names, write all names onto paper and throw my pen at it (the kids always like this one as it has an element of danger), or even logged into Teacher Toolkit and entered all of your names into the name generator. However, the old way is always the best way.

I am wondering at this point how many of you have skipped past all of the gaff before this and are scanning to see if your name is in the list below? If I wrote ‘cabbages’ or ‘shag monster’ here would you not even get the benefit of the mention of one of your five a day coupled with a reference to shagging beasts? Hopefully yes. I’m hoping that you are reading this blog because you are interested in how I nearly met an unsavoury end when I thought I would have to do ‘maths’ and not just because you might have won something.

Okay. Here we go. Imagine me unsticking a golden envelope and sliding out a card. This action will be followed by a knowing nod and a mouthed ‘I thought so’ whilst looking smug.

And the winners are:

Ebook copy of Still Life – Niyah Garisau

Ebook copies of Forget Me Not – four instead of three in total (the last two stuck together as I pulled it out. I know. I can’t even pull out bits of paper right. Please don’t hire me to work a raffle for you) – Lara Estes, Kathleen Alman, Anita Furlong and Anne Maguire

Winner’s choice – Barbara Gosz – you can choose between any of my ebooks even though you said either Still Life or See Right Through Me.

Signed copy of Still Life – Karol Christmas.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated, and can the winners let me know the format you would like via email please so I get your email address? As for Karol – address please.

Hopefully I’ll be doing another book giveaway soon with the release of Beginnings. I am just about to make my changes to the ending of this book and the editing will be over. I really really really (and I mean really) hope you like what both Day Peterson and I have done to my baby (I mean book not child – it is a form of endearment and I always personify my stories as I believe I have given birth to them. And yes. I’ve gone off on a tangent). She has had an extreme makeover and I am really pleased with the outcome.

So. This will be my Sunday. Firstly, finishing the edit of Beginnings, then finishing Barring Complications whilst snuggling up to two furry men, then a little bit of writing on my new story. All this pleasure because it is pouring with rain. It is times like this I love living in England.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Keep reading. cover_Beginnings_500x800