VLR Weekend Spot-on Romance

kidWell. I survived my first, and hopefully not the last, VLR. Some of you are wondering what I mean when I use the letters VLR, others already know, and they’ll even be a few who are thinking ‘I don’t really care. I clicked on this link by mistake.’ For those not in the know, VLR stands for Virtual Living Room – and I think those three words actually sum up what it entails.

This weekend, the VLR have been holding a Spot-on covering the romance genre and I was so very kindly invited to join in with some other writers of romance. The questions posed were so thoughtful, almost like a gentle coaxing, that I didn’t realise I was being questioned at all. It was like a chat with some very good friends about subjects that we all held dear. All that was missing was the cafetiere and the smell of scones baking. At one point I was asked about how I felt about promoting my work and I said how I felt very self-conscious doing it. Henriette informed me that I had been doing it all the time I’d been chatting. Trust me to then come back with something crude on the lines of the VLR taking my virginity and me not even being aware – special, memorable and painless I think I said. Kill me now! My mum would have given me a pasting and sent me to bed.

But, on a good note, and one that I am not smacking myself in the side of the head about, I had fun. I also found out lots and lots of things about other writers and how they work on their stories. It’s like an online creative writing course that deals with a myriad of different processes – some I may be having a go at. It was also great to hear what different readers want from the writers – what the writers want from other writers and their readers …

So. If you want to go and live amongst the authors, find out more in the one to one sessions with Karis Walsh, Lauries Salzler, Syd Parker, Me, Blythe Rippon, Suzie Carr, Caren Werlinger, AJ Adaire, Chris Paynter, Diana Simmonds, Cindy Rizzo and Penelope Grey, then you need to get along to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Virtuallivingroom/info and you may be in with a chance of winning a book from one of the featured authors. I know I have put a couple up there – including a signed copy of Still Life or a signed postcard.

You still have time. It is on until tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you ask a question or complete the reader questions to let them know you are about. If not, how on earth are you going to get your hands on a free e-book or paperback? I know I’m going to be dibbing in. I wouldn’t mind a few of those books up for offer.

Also, to keep you updated, AJ Adaire – the writer with the patience of a saint – has just interview me and will be putting the interview on her website in the non-too distant future. But, instead of waiting to read my ramblings, why not go and check out her work beforehand? http://www.ajadaire.com/ It is fit to bursting with information about her and her books, and also interviews she had done for other writers – and a few she has undertaken herself. All good stuff.

Going off on a tangent …

I think the heavens are going to open here in a minute. The sky is growing darker and darker and I have realised that it is not my stomach rumbling but the sound of thunder.

Wait .. oh man. The birds are singing too. It is such a perfect moment weather-wise that I really wish you all could experience it. Booming blackness halved with light, and birdsong. It’s like wearing buggered up head phones whilst switching the lights on and off.

Okay. I am rambling. As usual. I will let you get on with logging into the VLR by cutting this blog short. I promise to write again soon.

Although if you are the person who has clicked on here by mistake, I doubt you wanted to know that. And, more importantly, why did you read to the end? Did you really think I was the writer of The Vampire Dairies … lol. That’s L ‘J’ Smith.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And if you get questioned at the door to the living room, tell them Fingersmith sent you. If that doesn’t work … erm. Back to have a great weekend?



9 thoughts on “VLR Weekend Spot-on Romance

  1. love the blog and also I won your book in VLR!!! Yeeha!! If it’s an ebook I can send you my kindle address or if paper my postal but I’m chuffed either way. Thanks for doing VLR

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  3. LT, I enjoyed your answers as much as I enjoyed your latest book, needless to say that is a lot. Well done with your promo work, you are a natural.

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