Chuffed as little mint balls

Well, these last few days have been extremely exciting on the writing front. And I mean mind blowingly so. To say I was a little bit gob smacked with the news I have received is an understatement, and I want to share it with you.

Ylva wants to publish Driving Me Mad. No. Wait. Not just Driving Me Mad, but my Halloween tale too. Actually, there is a third, but I’m going to hold back on that one as I don’t think it has been read by Astrid yet. Talk about nearly peeing myself with excitement – and it was ‘nearly’ before anyone says otherwise. That emergency wash load was only to do with catching the sunshine so I could dry my stuff without it hanging around the house. Honestly.

Some of you may have read Driving Me Mad at the Academy, but this version is so much bigger. The original was about 28,000 and the final version ended up at nearly 110,000, so you kind of get the picture of how much has been added. To be frank (not the name, just the way I’m going to say it – although the omission of the capital … okay … I’ll shut up) I loved writing her. DMM is one of those stories I needed to write in order to be bitten by the writing bug once again.

I must warn you though. She is not like my usual stories. There is violence, hatred, a definite sense of evil in this story. Not evil as in demons and monsters, well, unless you can count the actions of the human race as demonic and monstrous. But it is darker than my others.

As for my Halloween tale, as I have said in a previous post, she is more personal. This story came out like I was removing a plaster. It had to be quick, hence a short tale, but it had to do its job in one definite swoop. Riiiiiip. Done. I still feel the sting of her, but I know the cut is healing.

Obviously, I picked a few people to read both stories through, and I was surprised at the reaction I received from the shorter tale. When I posted last time and admitted it was more personal, I was told by a friend of mine that she was expecting a story of my battle with STIs. That did make me laugh. (And before you ask, no, I haven’t had an STI although I do suffer from hay fever …) To be honest, again, I felt guilty by people’s reactions. It seemed I opened up some wounds for all that read her.

Now, don’t start thinking that I gone all maudlin on your asses. I haven’t. Cross my heart, whilst not crossing my fingers, with a pinky promise thrown in for good measure. I just hope by telling this story I can show people that things can get better however hopeless they seem to be.

And now I am going to make the most of my day off from work. It is the Norfolk Show here at the moment, and ‘us’ teachers put in even more time throughout the year to get today off. I will be making the most of it. I think an extra special walk with my lads should nail it. And then it is back home to edit Still Life once again.

Happy days. Definitely happy days.

Such a fantastic cover too.

Wicked Things



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