What I’ve been up to – prepare to be bored stupid

imageIt does seem as if I’ve been quiet this week, but I haven’t been idle. Work has swallowed a lot of my time, but I’ve made sure I have kept writing. I seem to be a little inspired to write my new short story – a story that I hope will be accepted for Ylva’s Halloween anthology. I have used an aspect of what has happened, and what is still happening, in my life and made it more fictional.

The concept? Can’t really tell you that in case it is accepted, but I must admit it feels extremely personal. Even more personal than Beginnings, one of my stories from a few years back (and to date my favourite but don’t tell the other stories of my “special child” preference).

Up to now the story is 7,000 and I am hoping to get it under the maximum of 16,000 that are in Ylva’s guidelines. If not … Sigh. But I think I might just manage it if I stop waffling on and on and on which is something that I tend to do. Like now, for example.

I didn’t know where it was going I go, with the story I mean, until I opened a word document and started typing. I thought of one idea, but as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard they were off, as if racing my head to the finish line. But, both fingers and head didn’t allow for my heart coming in. Little minx that she is.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. Just thought I would just let people know that I’m not sitting and staring into space. Also, another point mention to “want to be”writers … Blank screens are scary things and seem to loom and laugh at us poor writers. So, don’t let it win. Type anything, everything. Just write and watch as a story will eventually unfold. I do this exercise with my students – five minutes writing without thought and give them something they must include. It could be a setting, like a forest, or it could be a word like monkey. Initially, they write crap, but eventually they start to see the story coming out.

Just a thought. Although you can ignore me if you want. The kids do …


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