Hearts and Flowers Border – where it all started.

Considering I had never, ever thought I would ever write anything worth reading, I was so surprised when I ‘penned’ Hearts. She was my first – my shocker. I can still remember how I came about writing her. I had just discovered the Academy of Bards and was agog with all the fantastic writers that I discovered. Story after story was devoured, and I was so immersed in the fantastic tales that I was stunned, upon lifting my face from my computer screen, to realise that these writers were all doing this for the love of it.

So, in my addled and story soaked brain, I thought ‘I fancy having a go at that.’ As if! Me? Writing a story? And how presumptuous to think I could actually do it!

I can still remember the first scene I completed. It was in the bedroom when Laura pretended to have cramp. I won’t go into detail as you may not have read the story, but I can still feel the sensation of seeing those images dancing in front of me, the same images I wanted to put onto paper.

After reading my draft, it seemed as if writing had slipped, effortlessly, inside me and it became a hunger that I had to feed. I was like a thing possessed. It was a matter of weeks afterwards that the story was completed and I was amazed that I had actually had the stamina complete a whole story. In the words of Laura Stewart, the narrator,Yesterday, I was just me: marking, planning, teaching, and bawling at kids who jacked around in class. It was all I had. All I needed. But today …’ – today I love to write.

cover_hearts-and-flowers-borderLet me just add one more thing before I leave you in peace. If you get the urge to write, do it. If there is a story rattling around inside you that needs to be told, be the one to tell it. Don’t worry about what others may say. Get it out there.


5 thoughts on “Hearts and Flowers Border – where it all started.

  1. I’ve very much enjoyed discovering and reading your stories over the last year or so…
    Since I could hold a pen I have played with writing poetry, short stories and journals – but never had the courage to do anything more. But who knows…maybe one day!
    I love your books. Don’t stop!
    …you are inspiring

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